Day 172 – Fougères to Cherbourg

A bit of a milestone today really. Ok I haven’t ‘officially’ cycled around the world yet but I’m now leaving France and it feels a bit surreal. I am now in Poole and the ferry got in rather late, so despite a short day tomorrow, I’m keen to get to bed. (I probably should have... Continue Reading →

Day 171 – Cholet to Fougères

After almost 7 months, this is my last full night abroad... And I intend to spend as much of it as possible asleep... So yeah, you get the idea. I haven't quite got my head around that, maybe it's because I still have to cycle 100 miles tomorrow, and maybe something will sink in when... Continue Reading →

Day 170 – Pons to Cholet

Not an overly straightforward day today; and rubbish service at lunch meant we finished late and has therefore meant that I am also very late now as well. The ride today was good. Despite a few minor mishaps with the route heading off-road, it was enjoyable. I’m afraid I am beyond tired and my brain... Continue Reading →

Day 169 – Mimizan to Pons

I had the first rain of Leg 8 today. It wasn't too bad but it was far from the temperatures I faced a few days ago. The day improved as it went on really. Around halfway we hit Bordeaux, and whilst there were some very nice bits, it wasn't quite as pretty as expected. The final... Continue Reading →

Day 168 – Zumaia to Mimizan

Today has been a good day, although not everything went exactly to plan. The morning was fantastic, riding with someone else pretty much reminded me why cycling is so good. The scenery was, for the most part, very good as well. Riding through San Sebastián was pretty stunning but unfortunately I managed to fall off... Continue Reading →

Day 167 – Briviesca to Zumaia

Today has been a really good day. My legs took 80 kilometres to wake up so the morning was bit slow, but after that, it was brilliant. Spain suddenly became a very nice place to ride and I'm almost sad that I'm leaving it tomorrow... almost. I have now been joined by my Dad and... Continue Reading →

Day 166 – Valladolid to Briviesca

I woke up really tired this morning and it soon became apparent that the legs had not recovered from yesterday either. It's been quite a while since they've been that stiff actually. A pretty rubbish breakfast didn't help and once riding I instantly discovered that the wind was also doing everything it could to make... Continue Reading →

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