Day 160 – Utica to Bennington

I’ve been extremely unproductive in the mornings and evenings the last few days, and today is no exception. I think a lot of it could be down to complacency - which is something I really should have learnt to avoid by now. I have 150 miles left and honestly, there is a large part of... Continue Reading →

Day 159 – Canandaigua to Utica

Today has mostly been a good day. The weather (including the wind) was kind to me and I have decided that I actually quite like New York State (excluding Utica). The legs felt much more lively this morning and the relatively hilly terrain didn’t pose too much of a problem… despite having to stop half... Continue Reading →

Day 157 – Orangeville to Niagara

I'm much later and more tired than usual this evening, so I don't know how long this'll be... The first 70 kilometres or so were actually quite good, despite the unpleasant roads. The weather was perfect and I started off in a much better mood than I have done the last few days. However after... Continue Reading →

Day 156 – Bracebride to Orangeville

Heading towards Toronto, things were always going to get busier and I spent much of the first couple of hours on a dual carriageway so it was lucky that it was Sunday (tomorrow will probably be worse). Until I started to approach Barrie, it really wasn’t very nice riding. Thankfully I then turned off the... Continue Reading →

Day 155 – Jamot to Bracebridge

Today has been a bit mixed. I managed to get to sleep without too much trouble last night, but I woke this morning to find a mosquito (or four) had had a bit of a feast at my expense. The rain held off today thankfully, but visibility was still restricted to about 200m for the... Continue Reading →

Day 154 – Espanola to Jamot

Today started off damp and got progressively wetter throughout the course of the ride. That's pretty much all there is to mention about today - I got wet. The roads I was on for the majority were busy and had a very narrow shoulder, so it wasn't particularly nice riding either. I realised the other... Continue Reading →

Day 152 – Montreal River to Bruce Mines

The first 45km or so today weren’t that great. My legs felt completely empty and apparently did not want to have anything to do with cycling 100 miles. Nevertheless, things improved after that. I wasn’t originally planning to stop there but given my lack of energy I figured it was a good idea. Luckily it... Continue Reading →

Day 149 – Thunder Bay to Schreiber

Having spent more time stretching and working on my knee last night than any other day, I was a tad frustrated this morning to find it the most painful it’s been for the last three weeks. I’m not sure why that was the case and I'm now slightly apprehensive about doing anything with it tonight.... Continue Reading →

Day 148 – Grand Marais to Thunder Bay

I didn’t get loads of sleep last night (surprise surprise) so I wasn’t feeling overly fresh when I woke up this morning. It’s been another shorter day, but unlike yesterday, it didn’t really feel it. I lost an hour as I crossed over into Canada so I guess that didn’t help. The weather today was... Continue Reading →

Day 145 – Bemidji to Grand Rapids

Today has been another uneventful day. The scenery has become a fair bit more interesting but still wasn’t anything that exciting. I’m struggling to think of anything to write about this evening. Whilst a boring day is better than having a spoke break - or something else along those lines, it does make writing a... Continue Reading →

Day 144 – Grand Forks to Bemidji

Once again, I woke up this morning feeling more tired than when I had gone to sleep. I actually fell asleep again for about half an hour after eating breakfast (not deliberately). Much like yesterday, I felt a lot better once riding; although this didn’t happen until a fair bit later than I had planned.... Continue Reading →

Day 142 – Minot to Devils Lake

Today was the first rain I’ve had in America.. I think it was anyway, the last couple of weeks are beginning to blur together but it was the first time I’ve needed a jacket. Now although I am now out of the 40 degree heat, today still wasn’t cold and I found myself facing a... Continue Reading →

Day 141 – Williston to Minot

Ok it's another late night so this has to be another quick update.. Today is the 4th of July and I had been slightly apprehensive about whether that would make things harder; but instead the opposite happened. The roads were almost empty all day, so riding on the main road wasn't actually that bad. The... Continue Reading →

Day 140 – Glendive to Williston

Today has been a bit dull. To be honest I’m not overly upset about that given yesterday’s events but it does mean that this will be a short update. I also lost another hour today so it is already rather late. Unlike last time, I knew the clocks would change as I crossed the state... Continue Reading →

Day 139 – Forsyth to Glendive

Today has not been a good one. It’s annoying that despite 3 fairly straightforward days, I’m instantly on the back foot again after just one bad day. I’m not going to get much sleep tonight, and quite frankly I don’t really want to dwell on the details of today too much so this probably won’t... Continue Reading →

Day 138 – Roundup to Forsyth

Today didn’t really hold much of anything. It has been another early finish but that is almost entirely down to the fact that there was nothing to stop for. Apart from a few clusters of deserted buildings I didn’t pass anything. There was a lot of low-lying cloud today so mercifully, the temperature didn’t reach... Continue Reading →

Day 136 – Helena to White Sulphur Springs

A shorter ride today… It’s amazing how much difference 25 miles can make. I finished not long after 2 o’clock this afternoon so I’ve actually spent more time doing nothing than I have riding today. Over the course of this trip, I have discovered that I’m actually quite talented when it comes to resting, so... Continue Reading →

Day 135 – Missoula to Helena

Today was another hard day in the saddle, and the first 90 miles or so were not that enjoyable. The road headed gradually uphill for the majority and the wind wasn’t exactly making it easy. Once again the heat was pretty draining. I have come to the conclusion that 40 degrees is more or less... Continue Reading →

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