An Update – 2 Years Later

My previous blog post was written the day after I finished my trip. In it, I said that it wouldn’t be my last. I did not deliberately lie about that. I had every intention of following it up with a summary of the trip. However, when I sat down to write it, I had no idea what to say. Two years later, I feel I’ve just about got to grips with the experience; and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve written a book to represent that.

It still needs a few final touches, but I’ve got down everything I want to say. I don’t know when a release date will be yet, as I still have to navigate the potential problems that come with publishing. It’s been over two years, so I’m sure a few more months won’t make too much difference.

The dust has long since settled, and I’m sorry it has taken me so long. I wanted it to be right. I tried writing it a number of times, and it was difficult to figure out exactly what I wanted the book to be. I have finally got it to a state that I’m happy with. It’s not yet perfect, but it’s something I’m proud of, and I think a fair representation of both me, and what I went through.

I have deliberately steered away from a day-by-day synopsis. You can already read that side of the story here, on my blog. Instead, it is closer to an unapologetic collection of my thoughts from around the world. There is some structure to it, and obviously a cycling theme, but I truly hope that it’s something anyone can enjoy. I hope it’s interesting at points, I hope it’s amusing at points, and I hope it gives you an idea of why I did what I did. I have tried my best to keep it as authentic and un-sanitised as possible. That may come with a few risqué topics, but I spent over 1000 hours in a bicycle saddle, so what else would you expect?

I’m not sure who will see this post now. Seeing as I’ve been quiet for 27 months, I wouldn’t expect anyone to still check this website. Regardless, this should serve as a sufficient update. I will endeavour to keep you informed on here as things progress.

Thanks everyone!


PS: on a completely unrelated note, after I finished my trip, my email ( got hacked. I haven’t been able to access it since, so I apologise if I failed to reply to anyone. I know that was the case with a couple of people. If you need me, get in touch on here or via Twitter.

5 Replies to “An Update – 2 Years Later”

  1. Tom, Many many congratulations on having completed a book! It is a tremendous feat in itself wherever it goes from here. I wish you all the best in its next stage and look forward to reading it whenever that may be! Charlottex

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  2. Tom
    Having followed every turn of the wheel on your epic journeyI can’t wait to read the book. You are a true inspiration and the whole Carden family are enormously proud of you.

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