Day 164 – Nisa to Cuidad Rodrigo

I got about 5 hours sleep last night and I’m keen to change that, so this will have to be another short one.

Today was hard, I think due to a combination of heat and hills. It was by far the hottest day I’ve had with this much climbing. In fact, it had almost double the climbing of any other day with similar temperatures. All this, along with the distance meant that today was never going to be an early finish. This was emphasised when I lost an hour crossing the Spanish border – hence why, once again, I am a tad late.

Portugal has been good but I’m pleased that I’m now in Spain where I can at least speak a bit of the language. I have grown used to English-speaking countries and now I realise what a difference it makes.

Ciudad Rodrigo (where I am now staying) is a very pretty town and it’s a very big step up on the culture scale compared to anywhere I’ve seen since Lisbon.

I’m still trying to process everything, I can’t really believe how close I’m getting.

Distance: 119.9miles / 192.9km
Riding Time: 8:57:49
Av. Speed: 13.4mph / 21.5kph
Elevation Gain: 2,231m
Max. Temp: 38 degrees

One Reply to “Day 164 – Nisa to Cuidad Rodrigo”

  1. Well seen you are back this side of the pond, your blog times are becoming more aligned with home. I know you are getting close and you must be fizzing inside, but remain calm and focused, you have to keep your whits about you and don’t drop your guard, and no more land speed records down the hills please.


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