Day 153 – Bruce Mines to Espanola

I was really tired this morning and I think I’m in need of an 8 hour sleep. My legs are feeling more and more fatigued in the mornings, but I’m not sure whether that’s purely down to lack of sleep, or if that is an inevitability after 33 days without a break.

Speaking of my legs, whilst pretty much every muscle below the waist is extremely tight at the moment, I have decided that my calves are currently the worst and could be the source of a few of my problems. Not only that, but my shins were feeling odd today… I get really bad shin splints when I run and the muscle/tendon/whatever it is that hurts, was also flaring up a bit today. It wasn’t painful, but it did feel a bit odd – almost like cramp without the pain. But anyway…

The ride itself was generally pretty average; the weather was good but the wind couldn’t make up its mind and the scenery was nothing to get too excited about.

Even so, I was quite happy having an uneventful day and was looking forward to what should be an early night. Then another spoke broke. That’s number 5 since Oregon so I’m now looking forward to Lisbon even more.

Not much else to mention really, another day out the way…

Distance: 105.9miles / 170.3km
Riding Time: 6:50:46
Av. Speed: 15.5mph / 24.9kph

2 Replies to “Day 153 – Bruce Mines to Espanola”

  1. Those ruddy spokes, that’s shocking, hardly a great endorsement, I wonder if it was a poor batch or reminiscent of the manufacturer, very disappointing all the same. I presume before your Lisbon flight your going to give yourself a few days of recovery, like you say 33 days in the saddle is beyond extreme and likely is accounting for those aches and pains you are experiencing. A couple days of relaxation will likely go a long way to assisting both mentally and physically and make you final European leg much more enjoyable. Looking at the map, the Atlantic is almost within sniffing distance, that so exciting and surely to lift your spirits. Talking of looking at maps, the good news is on paper (iPad) Boston is below Espanola so in my mind that means your heading downhill, no doubts your techno toy thing you cycle with is saying something very different, but I will take the comfort option, your going down hill all the way to Boston. Enjoy.


  2. Amazing effort Tom and so impressed you can keep churning out these 100m+ days. As Fraser says the coast is getting closer and we’re all willing you on. Hopefully no more broken spokes or punctures before you get home but if there are then I’m sure you’ll take them in your stride and view them as making the adventure even more of a challenge (easy for me to say right?). Chapeau!


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