Leg 7 – North America

3 Replies to “Leg 7 – North America”

  1. many congratulations a truly great achievement …. I look forward to hearing more about it when you join us for that small trip in early September.


  2. Looks like you captured the moment rather well, all seems very peaceful over in the States. I wonder if it’s beginning to seem like a long time ago yet or if it’s still fresh in your mind. Must be difficult to get your head around all these places you have passed through albeit in a sweeping sort of motion. Does the brain actually manage to process all that information or is it a bit of a blur. Most my vacations are a blur and that’s after only a week or two going to the same place more often than not!! I still can’t get my head around what you have just undertaken, not sure if you are brilliant or bonkers, possibly a bit of both.


  3. Grohl returned, singing and playing guitar while an assistant held his leg in place. Grohl said he felt “lucky that I’ve got my band, so that when I break my f—ing leg they can still play music!


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