This Blog vs. YouTube

Hi everyone.

Out of my previous four posts on this blog, only one has actually provided something substantial to read. The others have been little more than me announcing that I’ve made a YouTube video.

In the single exception to this, I was discussing my goals for the year, and included the following statement: “Making professional triathlon a sustainable career means providing value to brands/sponsors, and entertainment to consumers.”

This is something that I’ve thought a lot about…

Having posted a handful of videos to a YouTube channel, I have already seen more engagement on that platform, than this blog. These levels of engagement are still tiny in the scheme of social media, but it is at least a positive trend.

I recognise that my written posts have been a long way off consistent enough to expect any growth. Regardless, I have now concluded that most of my efforts (outside of training, coaching, and securing sponsorship) will be best directed towards this new YouTube thing.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have the bandwidth to also intersperse meaningful written things, and I don’t want this blog to merely become a billboard for whenever I upload a video. I am therefore going to stop posting about my YouTube videos on this blog.

That basically means three things:

1. Updates on here will likely return to the usual sporadic service (perhaps even less frequently than before).
2. If you have enjoyed the videos I have posted so far, please consider subscribing to my channel on YouTube. If you do this, and hit the little bell icon, you will receive a notification whenever I upload. (I also promise, the videos will improve as I do more of them.)
3. If you think this is a bad idea, please let me know.

With that being said, and for possibly the last time, here’s my latest upload:

Much love,


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