Day 158 – Niagara Falls to Canandaigua

I woke up this morning fully clothed, lying face down on top of the bed with all the lights still on. I think it’s safe to say that I’m a bit behind on sleep…

The ride today was good for the most part, but unfortunately I was wet for the majority as it rained for the first half hour of riding. It started raining less than two minutes after I left and I was instantly soaked, meaning my feet were squelching for the following 5 hours. The upshot of this was that the promenade overlooking Niagara Falls was completely deserted!

After crossing the border, I popped into ‘Tom’s Pro Bike’ store to buy some spokes. Fantastic shop and service, and I thoroughly recommend to anyone around Buffalo. They also gave my gears a quick once-over and they’re now shifting as well as when I left London.

Despite the early rain, the weather was generally good and I had a cross-tailwind for the latter half of the day which made things more straightforward.

I don’t have masses more to say except that I owe a huge thank you to Jim and Sue for putting me up for the night and giving me the best meal I’ve had in America!

4 days to go…

Distance: 107.6miles / 173.1km
Riding Time: 7:12:42
Av. Speed: 14.9mph / 23.9kph

P.S: Kelly – you’re missing out on the food front…

4 Replies to “Day 158 – Niagara Falls to Canandaigua”

  1. Tom’s Pro Bike store, you could not make it up, what’s the chances, I hope they took your photo, and are proudly displaying it above the front door. I am still working on my secound theory regarding the wind direction, work in progress. I have also been giving some thought to your flight across the pond. I suggest you wear your cycle attire and when you turn up at the gate, explain what you are / have been doing over the last 6 months and I am pretty optimistic they will guide you to the left as you enter the plane.


  2. Nothing better than wet feet for a ride, Tom! Check between your toes in case they’ve become webbed! Good luck with the rest of the U.S. and give my love to Boston, my practical second home in my last job! All the best, Steve & Jude Rowan


  3. Congratulations on completing 16K and Canada, what another massive achievement. We are all really looking forward to seeing you in mid August, I will miss your daily blogs when this is all over. John


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