Day 165 – Ciudad Rodrigo to Valladolid

I’m currently having to put in some longer days in order to get back for my planned finish date; so rather than me starting every blog saying: “I’m late again so this will be a short update”, maybe just assume that that’s the case from now on.

Today was long, but nowhere near as hot or hilly as yesterday. The wind kept changing between headwind and tailwind which was frustrating at times but overall didn’t pose too much of a problem.

I went through Salamanca at about half way through today which was very nice. I think that’s somewhere to visit properly at some point in the future. Spain so far has been good; not that there was anything wrong with Portugal, it just wasn’t that interesting.

Only other thing to mention about the ride today is that I went through my second (and final) antipodal point. Not massively significant in terms of progress but it’s a good thing to tick off.

The downside to Spain is how late the people eat. By 8:30 when the restaurants opened this evening I was absolutely starving, and possibly another reason why I’m so late.

Two more full days in Spain, a week until I’m on the ferry crossing the channel.

Distance: 128.1miles / 206.0km
Riding Time: 8:46:27
Av. Speed: 14. 6mph / 23.5kph

3 Replies to “Day 165 – Ciudad Rodrigo to Valladolid”

  1. Oh boy it’s getting close, but hey if you fancy a little detour head across to Friglianna about 45 minute drive along the coast from Malaga, but given you are cycling let’s call that 50 minutes, though it normally takes me a couple of hours each way when I am cycling, even that’s a slight exaggeration, so will likely take you 30 minutes or so, ah Jesus that makes me feel so bloody old. Anyway back to business, I swear Tom I have watched the BBC weather forecast and that wind is going to be kicking your arse all the way home now, enjoy.


  2. Tom I can’t believe you’re almost home. You must be riding like a maniac now to file those miles away. What I’m also going to miss from this trip is Frasers comments every day too. You have been a real trouper Fraser, and I’m sure Tom has appreciated your encouragement along the way. X


  3. That’s kind of funny Kate and very kind of you to say so. Tom is probably thinking I am some sort of weird stalker. Truth is not only do I have tremendous admiration for what Tom has done, demonstrating true grit and determination, I also suspect there is a bit of jealousy creeping in. I doubt I am the only one following Toms adventure and thinking, you know what, what if. But hey ho that’s life as they say.


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