Day 169 – Mimizan to Pons

I had the first rain of Leg 8 today. It wasn’t too bad but it was far from the temperatures I faced a few days ago.

The day improved as it went on really. Around halfway we hit Bordeaux, and whilst there were some very nice bits, it wasn’t quite as pretty as expected.

The final third was a lot more pleasant and once away from the city and amongst the vineyards, it was really nice riding. The sun even made an appearance for the last couple of hours which was nice.

Speaking of the last two hours – they were fast. Probably the fastest I’ve ridden without a tailwind in about six months (on the flat anyway).

We’re now in quite a nice village not very far from Cognac… I wasn’t a big Cognac drinker before I left, and I can confirm that that has not changed over the course of this trip. The others didn’t completely waste the opportunity mind.

I’m tired now so I’m off to bed…

Distance: 125.4miles / 201.8km
Riding Time: 7:28:23
Av. Speed: 16.8mph / 26.8km

P.S. I’m sorry pictures from America still aren’t up , but I haven’t had the time. I shall try my best to get them on here before I finish in London!

3 Replies to “Day 169 – Mimizan to Pons”

  1. You can not be doing 125 and averaging 17mph, it’s nuts, it’s not human, just undertaking this as a one day event would be impressive enough, but you have been crunching those gears for the last 6 months. I imagine your running as much on adrenalin as your fitness level with the end game firmly appearing on the horizon. I reflect on something I mentioned earlier on that mentally you become conditioned to the daily task ahead, I figure your head must be so full of positive thoughts that this is willing you into a great place at present, bet your grinning from cheek to cheek now, enjoy you have more than earned it.

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  2. Tom, it was with a sinking heart that I read your last few words about Cognac. After cycling (nearly) round the world, you look forward to seeing your family, having the last few days cycling heartily with some intelligent conversation and your Dad & Henry….I’m excusing your mum & sister here who I am sure would never do such a thing….tuck into the Claret and cognac. Disgraceful….you deserve better support! 😃 best of luck with the rest of the ride, it’s rain and wind here in North Wales so enjoy the sun if there is any! Steve


  3. I had a job to convince him that a slight adjustment to the route was permissible in my case, “I have been to Compostela four times,” he said,”as well as trekking to the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima which is much more moving. He was not very impressed when I said I would prefer not to cover forty kilometres in one day’s walk in the Landes.


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