Day 159 – Canandaigua to Utica

Today has mostly been a good day. The weather (including the wind) was kind to me and I have decided that I actually quite like New York State (excluding Utica).

The legs felt much more lively this morning and the relatively hilly terrain didn’t pose too much of a problem… despite having to stop half way up a 12% climb due to some conveniently placed roadworks.

After a few hard efforts on some of these steeper sections I also found my recovery to be much better than it was only a couple of days ago; not sure why, but I’m not complaining.

I don’t really have that much else to mention about the ride, as it was pretty uneventful. Unfortunately my Garmin has been playing up this evening, and although it’s pretty insignificant, it has still managed to put me in a really crap mood.

Distance: 117.4miles / 189.0km
Riding Time: 7:55:42
Av. Speed: 14.8mph / 23.8kph

2 Replies to “Day 159 – Canandaigua to Utica”

  1. As long as the sun keeps rising in the East then just keep heading in that direction, there is no need for you to be doubling back on yourself. You see you modern youngsters have all this technology, but when it goes down you have to rely on the good old fashioned methods. You will be throwing pebbles in the Atlantic shortly, really glad my predictions about the westerly wind carrying you across the States has come good, shame it’s within sniffing distance of departure. The good news is that back in Europe we have winds blowing up from south, so by my reckoning that’s good news for you, but given my predictions have been so unreliable to date, you might take my observations with a pinch of salt.


  2. Hi Tom. I am laid up here with a broken leg watching the Tour and reading about you pedalling on steadily. Hang in there and keep the wheels turning.


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