Day 157 – Orangeville to Niagara

I’m much later and more tired than usual this evening, so I don’t know how long this’ll be…

The first 70 kilometres or so were actually quite good, despite the unpleasant roads. The weather was perfect and I started off in a much better mood than I have done the last few days.

However after stopping for some food, my knee decided to have a bit of a moment. It happened very briefly towards the end of yesterday but it passed in about a minute; today it stayed a lot longer. Basically, I couldn’t straighten it. It was alright cycling – the bottom of the pedal stroke was pretty much the extent of my movement (which I suppose is lucky) – but any time I went to try and lock it out, was agony… Probably close to the most painful thing I’ve ever felt.

I quickly learned not to try and straighten it so I’m not entirely sure when it eased up, but by the end of the ride it was back to normal.

Apart from the knee, everything went fairly well. The last 40 kilometres or so nearing Niagara were nice to ride and I was feeling reasonably good.

Niagara Falls itself is impressive… I don’t think a picture will really do it justice (although obviously I have taken some) and I don’t think I’m intellectually capable of describing it well enough either. I think what I said when I first saw the falls was “oh holy **** ”

Unfortunately the evening since then hasn’t been superb and excluding the pretty terrible dinner I had, there isn’t really a reason for this… Just one of those days I guess.

(Sorry this is late, I fell asleep)

Distance: 111.1miles / 178.8km
Riding Time: 7:16:54
Av. Speed: 15.3mph / 24.4kph

One Reply to “Day 157 – Orangeville to Niagara”

  1. Oh yes I remember it well, the first time we visited, I think like you we said, oh, that’s a lot of water. Well actually that’s the cleaned up version, I certainly would not write on your blog word for word, but holly hell, that’s a lot of water, we just stood in totally amazement, then I drag the good lady on to the, think it was something like (Lady) of mist boat trip and the helicopter ride. Ann does not swim and not wild about helicopters, but she would not have missed those two trips for anything. Can’t believe people have gone over them in barrels and such like, and then sometimes they freeze, nature is just amazing. Sorry I am rambling on. Odd about your knee, just take it easy and non of this racing up steep climbs, what you like.


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