Day 172 – Fougères to Cherbourg

A bit of a milestone today really. Ok I haven’t ‘officially’ cycled around the world yet but I’m now leaving France and it feels a bit surreal.

I am now in Poole and the ferry got in rather late, so despite a short day tomorrow, I’m keen to get to bed. (I probably should have written this on the 4 hour crossing but I didn’t because I’m really organised like that).

The ride today was really good, far from flat, but much faster than normal; a good day to finish off France.

A couple of things to mention; firstly, we saw a couple of people taking some ferrets for a walk which was a bit weird. No offence to any ferret owners out there, but you’re probably a bit odd.

Secondly, a woman on the ferry literally pointed and laughed at my sock tan lines. Subtlety clearly not one of her fortes.

Anyway, I’m afraid that’s all I have time for right now. I’m not entirely sure if I will have time to write a blog tomorrow (or the day after) so consider this a heads up. If I am too busy, there will be one on Monday or Tuesday, so this won’t be the final one…

Distance: 102.9miles / 165.5km
Riding Time: 5:59:39
Av. Speed: 17.2mph / 27.5kph

P.S: Thanks to all those who have come to welcome me back to England!

5 Replies to “Day 172 – Fougères to Cherbourg”

  1. Welcome home, (almost). Tom, I think I have joined your club, I suspect I have a failed spoke, I heard a sort of ping as I went over a speed hump, hardly speeding you understand, but the wheel seems to have gone all floppy like, I am feeling rather smug about it actually, kind of makes me on a similar footing to you. Look at it this way, we have both suffered broken spokes, granted you have had a few more than me, we have both cycled in excess of 18000 miles, granted it’s taken me a little longer, but hey who’s counting.
    Good to know your back on home soil, hardly a pedal around the block to go and you will be safely back home. That’s going to be one hell of a high you are going to have to come down from, but boy what a high.


  2. Hey Tom, don’t be going slack on us now, where is your pre finish blog or whatever it is they call these things. If you happen to see some sad old bloke looking a tad lost tomorrow on his Brompton can you please point him in the right direction, God bless matey your worth a million, cheers your great uncle Fraser.


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