I am a professional triathlete, former ultra-endurance cyclist, and a qualified triathlon coach. In 2015 I became the youngest person to cycle around the world, and I have since gone on to podium my age group at the Ironman World Championships.

I am currently based between London, Girona, and Chamonix.

Here you can stay updated with my blog, read more about cycling around the world, and learn more about my performance brand – Ultra 2 Elite.



My journey has taken me from ultra endurance to one of the world’s top sporting universities and elite competition. Optimising performance has played a crucial role in all aspects of my life .

I have partnered with exceptional businesses, across multiple industries, to help others improve within the world of endurance sport.

Emu Racing & Record Chasing – Available Now

Read all about my trip in Emu Racing & Record Chasing. It covers everything from coping with new cultures to living with ridiculous tan lines (and includes some pretty pictures)!

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Blog – Top Posts

Triathlon Part 1

13 . 09 . 20

I want to provide some context for my journey to the start line. To do that, I need to start a little way back… 

Golden Hour

27 . 07 . 20

I think it is probably clear that I like riding my bike. I’ve written about it as well, I’m sure; but I don’t know if I’ve ever really talked about where the love affair started… 

Indian Summary

17 . 03 . 15

I’ve said a few times before that I don’t really know how to put India into words…


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