Day 167 – Briviesca to Zumaia

Today has been a really good day. My legs took 80 kilometres to wake up so the morning was bit slow, but after that, it was brilliant.

Spain suddenly became a very nice place to ride and I’m almost sad that I’m leaving it tomorrow… almost.

I have now been joined by my Dad and cousin so that’s made for a much better evening. Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy the last few days; I’ll be home in a week!

Distance: 104.4miles / 167.9km

Riding Time: 6:46:01

Av. Speed: 15.4mph / 24.8kph

8 Replies to “Day 167 – Briviesca to Zumaia”

  1. Thought I’d get in quick before Frazers ‘daily’! Tom we’re all looking forward to seeing you come across the finishing line at No. 2 Ballingdon. Frazer are you going to be there? I’d like to meet you too!


  2. Bloody hell Tom you are wishing this venture over before we have started, can’t you slow down a tad so we can all savour. I am mid Wales this weekend, bit of a culture shock but boy do the Welsh know how to party, got me knackered and it’s only 11pm and I have not even seen a bike, never mind pedalled 120 miles. I am beginning to ponder on what happens post Toms arrival home, have you considered the record twice round the world, only don’t tell your mum it was my idea, she would likely kill me.


  3. Hey Kate, it is an S not a Z, I am pretty specific about the S as that’s the way mum prescribed it, god knows why, but hells bells you try and stop me being at the finishing line as I plan to kick Toms butt, even though it will be on my Brompton as I don’t think the Le Mond will go on the train, at least that is my excuse, like hello have you seen Toms legs of late, they are pure wicked, you would have to be nuts to want to be seen alongside him, how is Huw and Henry I wonder, ah such fun and all brought about because of crazy guy and a bit of metal and two wheels. You know it’s the simplicity of it all that reinforces the pure brilliance of this whole episode. Looking forward to catching up with you all next weekend. God bless from deepest Wales and the border of Spain France, hey up Tom I hope they don’t try and stop you on the UK border, now that would be an ending to your venture, sorry you ain’t allowed back in with those legs!!


  4. Hey Tom, just been looking at your images, wondering what’s happened to your USA / Canadian leg, your PR team must be slacking, oh boy is your mum going to give me hell when we meet up, anyway that leg from NZ, that start picture is classic, if the first of our followers can explain why then they can collect from me the Elite Pro, providing they make a donation to one if your charities.


  5. Sorry Fraser! Tom while the GBR won’t recognise your record as the youngest person to cycle round the world, how about the only 19 year old to do so? Or have you had this discussion already?


  6. Tom, it should be great to have company for the last part of the ride….even if it’s your Dad & Henry! 😉 Best of luck for the rest of the ride! Steve & Jude Rowan


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