Book Update – Sept 2018

Hello everyone…

Unsurprisingly, this post comes a lot later than I had initially said it would. Thank you to anyone who reads this and is still subscribed to this blog. This is just a short update to let anyone interested know that things are finally in motion.

Finishing my book took much longer than expected. I wasn’t lying when I posted on here 10 months ago saying I had finished the book and I was happy with it. However, since then I have done countless rounds of edits and I quickly learnt that it’s a process that never really stops. It has become clear that striving for perfection with something like a book is an endless task; there’s always something to change, add or remove, even if it’s a seemingly insignificant word or sentence. I had to draw the line somewhere though, and that is why I am now able to say that the publishing process has started. The ball is finally rolling and the time to release is now largely out of my hands.

Over the coming weeks/months I will elaborate on the publishing process I went down, why it has been so difficult and why I have ended up where I am. I want to be transparent about the publishing hurdles I have encountered in case anyone else finds themselves in a similar situation and looks to this website for advice (very unlikely and not something I’d recommend). I will also discuss when and how the book will be released as it’s not as straightforward as I had expected. For now, I’ll cut a long story short and say that I’m hoping to have the book available to buy in December or January.

As mentioned, I will explain details further at some point before release but I just wanted to let you know that I have actually been working on it since my last post. I didn’t give up or go off the idea, it just took much longer than expected. I’ll have the next post up soon*.

Thanks everyone.


*it probably won’t be that soon.

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