Day 168 – Zumaia to Mimizan

Today has been a good day, although not everything went exactly to plan.

The morning was fantastic, riding with someone else pretty much reminded me why cycling is so good. The scenery was, for the most part, very good as well.

Riding through San Sebastián was pretty stunning but unfortunately I managed to fall off my bike… I don’t think I need to be overly elaborate but I can’t really blame anyone else, and it all came about because of wanting to go and look at a cathedral – and I’m usually so good at steering clear of culture!  Long story short – I landed very hard on my head and it’s very lucky I was wearing a helmet (which is now useless, so I’m using a different one). The bike is fine which is good, my wrist and shoulder are a bit jarred, but all in all, I’m fine.

To be perfectly honest, I’m more annoyed than hurt. I’ve ridden so far and through a lot of very sketchy moments without crashing so this just feels a bit stupid (it was all a bit embarrassing and extremely unimpressive).

Admittedly, the next half hour or so were not that great as I was still a bit grumpy but apart from that, the rest of the day was really good. I’ve now finished Spain and am in France – very different temperatures to when I was here six months ago!

This evening has been really good. The difference having some company makes is incredible and despite being a bit sore I’m hoping for a good last few days.

Distance: 114.6miles / 184.7km

Riding Time: 7:55:18

Av. Speed: 16.6mph / 26.4kph

3 Replies to “Day 168 – Zumaia to Mimizan”

  1. Well I have now figured out why reading your blogs from the other side of the world worked for me. It meant we would not receive them until the early hours of the following morning, which is good because by then I would have sobered up if I had had one more than I should have the night before. Now your back on sensible time mode I have the dilemma of reading and commenting on your daily blog possibly under the influence, I reread my comment last night and that was a shocking use of language so I apologise for any shock it may have generated. It was not bad bad, but it could have been better, sorry Alison, now I am in trouble.

    As for today, hang on Tom you cycle 98% around the globe, almost within touching distance of the finish line, you have cycling companionship for one day and your doing stunts off your bike, what are you on. No doubts we have photos appearing of this little mishap, but please Tom, your record attempt is staggering in itself, we don’t need any extra drama, so no more sight seeing, keep your bum firmly in the saddle, eyes on the road and get back in one piece. It’s so so exciting, it’s like Grand National day and your jumping the final fence ahead of the pack. Stay safe.


    1. Dear Fraser
      I have quite a lot of beers for Sunday but Huw is worried that I may not have bought enough as you will be with us. Please advise your normal intake on party days so I can adjust accordingly.
      There are lots of people who are really looking forward to meeting you in person, so wear your best frock and please consider writing a daily or weekly blog from now on as I am sure that you will have a ready-made readership.
      And thank you for saying all the things to Tom that I think, but don’t dare say because he would just roll his eyes 😃

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