Day 155 – Jamot to Bracebridge

Today has been a bit mixed. I managed to get to sleep without too much trouble last night, but I woke this morning to find a mosquito (or four) had had a bit of a feast at my expense.

The rain held off today thankfully, but visibility was still restricted to about 200m for the first couple of hours so it wasn’t a huge improvement. I spent most of the morning paranoid about my rear wheel. It seemed to be more out of true than I thought I had left it, and I found myself pretty much expecting another spoke to go at any moment.

The weather cleared up as the day went on, and it ended up at 30 degrees and blue skies. The ride itself went ok, and much like the weather, I felt my legs improved as the day wore on. I felt a bit sluggish this morning but for the last two hours I felt good over what was some fairly hilly terrain.

Travel Advice: The Muskoka Lakes area that I’m currently in is probably my favourite part of Canada so far and in particular, where I am now (Bracebridge) and Port Carling seem really nice.

Dinner tonight was also really good. I think it’s one of the first times in North America that I’ve managed a three course meal – and a good one at that. The restaurant also happened to have a cat that was clearly a regular visitor and the couple next to me proceeded to try and feed it (I was sitting outside). It took them about five minutes to coax it towards them, and once it came close, it just grabbed the food and ran away. I’m not really sure what they were hoping would happen but it seemed a bit anticlimactic after all the effort they put it.

…. Ok so I was literally just about to post this when I realised I should probably mention that I hit 16,000 miles today. I don’t have the time or patience to fit that statement nicely in with the rest of this update, so there it is… 2,000 to go.

Distance: 120.5miles / 193.9km
Riding Time: 8:11:58
Av. Speed: 14.7mph / 23.6kph

3 Replies to “Day 155 – Jamot to Bracebridge”

  1. Well I am not going to mention that thing on the back of the bike, it must have held out for another day, so let’s hope it can hold out a few more. 16000 miles under your belt and 2k to go, almost beginning to seem like a small undertaking in terms of the balance, must be an amazing feeling Tom, imagine very few people are fortunate enough to experience that degree of achievment in their lives. You have earned every secound of it so enjoy the moment, before you know it, it will be over. What’s with the 120 miler, are you not content with 18000 miles in under 200 days, are you attempting the most miles in a day also, what a bloke.


  2. Great work today Thomas, well done. 16,000 miles! You could almost freewheel home. Hope you have a great day today with the sun shining and wind behind. Love Charlotte.


  3. What a amazing achievement and the end is now (almost) in sight! Your perseverance has really paid off. With love, Sarah, Mark, Tom and Caroline


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