Day 148 – Grand Marais to Thunder Bay

I didn’t get loads of sleep last night (surprise surprise) so I wasn’t feeling overly fresh when I woke up this morning. It’s been another shorter day, but unlike yesterday, it didn’t really feel it. I lost an hour as I crossed over into Canada so I guess that didn’t help.

The weather today was pretty much perfect with blue skies and no wind. The temperature started to get quite hot towards the end of the day but for the most part that was good too.

Scenery wise, it was another good day and I really can’t work out why the ride felt as arduous as it did. Just one of those days I suppose.

Upon approaching Thunder Bay – so the final 15 miles or so – I got pulled over by the police. This isn’t something that’s ever happened to me before (honest) but they told me that the road I was on was soon to become one that I was not allowed to ride on. I’m currently staying at the far end of the city, so the plan had been to ride round the edge. Instead, this news meant I had to ride through it so I got to sample the joys of Thunder Bay… at least I would have done if there were any.

The ride through the middle wasn’t really much slower or longer but it’s safe to say that I have been to some slightly nicer places on this trip. I had a couple of issues finding a place to stay tonight which annoyed me and all in all, it hasn’t been the best introduction to Canada.. At least I was able to have a beer with dinner.

Distance: 88.4mph / 142.3km
Riding Time: 5:51:45
Av. Speed: 15.1mph / 24.2kph

One Reply to “Day 148 – Grand Marais to Thunder Bay”

  1. Never mind drinking a well earned beer, let me tell you that’s the beginning of a slippery slope. Beer will give you a bad head in the morning and certainly is no motivator for jumping on the saddle the next morning, not that I am speaking from experience you understand, but it is Sunday morning and my head is throbbing. I trust you managed to get a picture of yourself being pulled by the old bill. I recall mum once being stopped when over in Chicago for walking along the side of the road, seemingly it was not the done thing. Not sure if you have had time to monitor the flight of Solar Impulse, but you are also ahead of its flight attempting to do RTW by solar power. Keep up the good work and keep of the beer.


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