4 Replies to “Day 173 – Poole to Winchester”

  1. So you have almost completed the unimaginable task, It’s going to feel very odd tomorrow when you wake up a realise it’s job done. So I wonder what next, trip to the moon possibly.


    1. Just picked up the news and pictures of your homecoming. What a triumph. Your personal achievement – physical, and emotional -is unimaginable and we are really proud and delighted. We really look forward to congratulating you and hearing all about it. Much love, The Milletts xx


  2. Thomas. Amazing (and a relief) to think it is nearly complete. Enjoy the last day hopefully it will be the best. Sorry we can’t be there to cheer you over the line. We’ll toast you tonight with a glass or two of fizz. Judy, Stephen, William, James, Genevieve.


  3. So that’s it then job done, back to reality, think that was a song title long before your time. So all the expressions, paraphrasing, congratulations, it’s all been said and admired since you commence this crazy episode back in January, but you have done an amazing challenge and nobody can take that away from you, all that remains for me to say is many many thanks for allowing us to come on this journey and I wish you and your family all the best going forward, your an inspiration and a legend, or was it a hero, God I don’t know, sort it out with Henry!!


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