Day 156 – Bracebride to Orangeville

Heading towards Toronto, things were always going to get busier and I spent much of the first couple of hours on a dual carriageway so it was lucky that it was Sunday (tomorrow will probably be worse).

Until I started to approach Barrie, it really wasn’t very nice riding. Thankfully I then turned off the main road and started riding along the edge of Lake Simcoe – which was really nice.

The weather was pretty similar to yesterday with the humidity and I felt it today. Until the last hour, my body didn’t want to wake up at all so I was not in a great mood. This was really hammered home when a sixth spoke broke (not including the one in Australia)…

Actually I forgot this evening, but I have just remembered that I need to buy some more spares, as at this rate I could run out. I’m not sure how many more to expect. I have 32 on each wheel, so 16 on each side of the hub. The spokes are also essentially in pairs (in opposite directions) and so far it has always been the right hand spoke on the non-drive side… You can ignore all that, but the point is; I have broken 6 out of a possible 8. To be honest, I’m almost tempted to replace the other two before I have to do so on the road side.. but something tells me that won’t solve the problem. Six days left though, so hopefully I can hang on.

Another frustrating thing about the day was the wind, which was not favourable. In fairness, it has been a while since it was last this bad, but that didn’t make it any more enjoyable. The last 25 kilometres were pretty much all gradually uphill. Except for a steep 2.2 kilometre stretch; and it was this section that held almost the only positive of the day. I can’t quite remember why but I started of on the climb very fast (maybe I was trying to catch some traffic lights or something) and for some reason, I decided to then try and hold that pace all the way to the top. I really can’t remember the last time I pushed that hard (physically) but it was before America and when I crested the climb, I was totally spent.

It probably wasn’t the smartest move as I was pretty much just clinging on for dear life for the final 7 kilometres but it felt good nonetheless. Despite the headwind, that was the fastest I’ve climbed in a very long time so despite everything, it meant I finished in a good mood.

Nothing else to mention really. I had a rubbish dinner, it rained a lot this evening (but thankfully I think it should be ok in the morning) and I’m already too late for bed.

Distance: 110.4miles / 177.7km
Riding Time: 7:46:57
Av. Speed: 14.2mph / 22.8kph

6 Replies to “Day 156 – Bracebride to Orangeville”

  1. Never mind burning yourself out on chasing traffic lights and burning up hills at some extreme pace, you still have just shy of 2k to go, so don’t be abusing your body any more than you have to. Must be an explanation for this wheel business, you could have done without the stress of it. Let’s just call it character building, you will likely punch me on the nose when we catch up.


  2. We are reminded daily of your supreme efforts as we are holidaying in Mallorca at the foothills of a mountain range and each day marvel at the cyclists heading uphill in temperatures a little less than you have experienced in the States and Canada. You are all completely mad! Lunches in a cafe where the proudly display cycling memorabilia including Sir Bradley stuff too! May he inspire you to keep going – AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT! Newman family


  3. Yes, take it easy ol’ son and keep your powder dry. That last run up from Lisbon will need a lot of strength and energy. Sit back and enjoy the scenery if you can and those lakeside roads sound lovely.


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