Day 160 – Utica to Bennington

I’ve been extremely unproductive in the mornings and evenings the last few days, and today is no exception. I think a lot of it could be down to complacency – which is something I really should have learnt to avoid by now. I have 150 miles left and honestly, there is a large part of me that just wants to get it done and do it all tomorrow (I should point out that I’m not going to though).

I was half expecting a spoke to break today – based on current form, it seemed like one was due but i’m very glad that it didn’t. Whether it will last until Boston I don’t know, but the next two days will be shorter (than today at least) , so if one does go, hopefully it won’t be too detrimental.

The first 120km of the ride went really well. The weather was good again and I felt fresh. However I think I ate too much when I stopped for food as I felt extremely bloated for the rest of the day.

In stark contrast to the morning, the final 80-90km were a bit of a drag, and not only did I feel really lethargic but my hands and feet also started to ache a lot. Either way, another (long) day down, only one and a half to go.

Since finishing this evening, three people have commented on my ‘slightly’ red face; including some random hillbilly who said I looked like Rudolf… I laughed it off..

Distance: 129.1miles / 207.8km
Riding Time: 8:50:36
Av. Speed: 14.6mph / 23.4kph

4 Replies to “Day 160 – Utica to Bennington”

  1. Well done Tom – a day and a half to Boston! Hope you do better riding up the hills there than I did running up them – although that’s a pretty low bar. Keep it up we’re still cheering over here!


  2. We like so many others watching your progress hope you have an easy ride to Boston with no further spoke loss. Love from Grandma and Granddad


  3. Now young Tom, understand you have cracked the USA, some bloke, don’t forget a little wink and nod at the entrance to your plane and get your well earn arse, (bum) to the left of the door. Ignore all this nonsense about alcohol dehydrating you, just get hammered, you have so so earned it. Total respect my friend. Cheers to you Fraser. Ps I am having a little Cobra to celebrate your leg!!

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