Day 123 – The Middle of Nowhere to Arcata

I’ve had a cold the last couple of days and so I need to get to bed ASAP in the hope that it will clear… So as is often custom – I need to keep this short.

My night in a tent was generally ok apart from the mosquitos and because I was slightly away from the coast I woke to much clearer skies (it still wasn’t warm though).

I spent 31 miles of today riding on ‘The Avenue of Giants’… which is basically a forest with very big trees. It was actually really nice riding, and once again I saw lots of other cyclists (who were also all going the opposite way). The downside of such large trees is that it’s very hard to translate the scale of them to camera as it’s pretty much impossible to fit the whole thing in the picture.

Today was flatter than the previous two however the wind was unchanged. It’s annoying and slow but nowhere near as bad (fingers crossed) as everywhere else I’ve had it. I think having sunset at 8:30 just means I’m lot more relaxed about when I finish. The downside is that once I do finish, I completely misjudge what time it is and am yet to have and early night.

That’s all for now. I was potentially planning to change plan and head inland away from the cold tomorrow, but I think I may now stay on the coast and put up with the hills and the weather.

Distance: 107.4miles / 172.8km
Riding Time: 7:49:18
Av. Speed: 13.7mph / 22.1kph

One Reply to “Day 123 – The Middle of Nowhere to Arcata”

  1. I am totally convinced the minute you turn East your going to eventually get your tail wind, the the flight from Portland is always an hour shorter, now that could because the pilot takes a short cut, he puts his foot down or its that Gulf Stream. I will run with the third option. You mentioned the time zone, you will be travelling across a few on this leg, it’s always fascinated me how local communities cope, is there a line down a street that differs by one hour depending on what side of the street you stand. Never have figured it out. The pub shuts at 11, that’s ok I will pop across the road he is open for another hour, I wonder.


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