Ultra 2 Elite Performance

Forging your path from beginner to elite.

My journey has taken me from ultra endurance, to one of the world’s top sporting universities, to elite competition. Optimising performance has played a crucial role in all aspects of my life .

I have partnered with exceptional businesses, across multiple industries, to help others improve within the world of endurance sport.

My Story – From Ultra to Elite

From cycling around the world to elite triathlon, few people have experienced a greater range of physical challenges.

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U2E Operations

Performance Coaching

I am professional triathlete and certified coach. I have partnered with PB Performance Coaching to bring the best possible guidance to athletes of all levels.

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Run Form Analysis

My dissertation focused on the nuances of running form and I posses invaluable experience working within the wearable technology space.

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Sports Specific Strength & Conditioning

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Ultra Endurance Event Preparation

Drop me an email. I’ve always been happy to share advice in this area, and I intend to keep doing so (for free) as long as my schedule allows.

Mental Preparation

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