Day 122 – Gualala to a random campsite somewhere on the Redwood Highway between Riverdale and Pierce

Today has been a rather mixed day. The first half was far from enjoyable. I had a headwind, the temperature didn’t go much above 10 degrees and my knee wasn’t helping the situation.  (You may have heard all that before.)

The cloud started to burn off at about 1 o’clock and thankfully all those problems largely faded. There was a lot of climbing so my speed was still low but I enjoyed riding in the sun and was able to take in some of the pretty spectacular views.

I saw loads of people cycle touring today – all of whom were going in the opposite direction (with the wind). Some of them were even dressed like I was in New Zealand, but unless it starts snowing; I refuse to wear anything other than shorts whilst I’m in California.

I also rode through a very big tree today. I guess riding through redwood forests was bound to hold some form of tourist attraction, but to be fair, I’m glad I took the small detour.

I’m camping tonight, am yet to have a shower, and have had a pretty rubbish dinner. So I’m afraid I have to sign off here, but considering today held the most climbing of the trip so far, I’m feeling pretty good.

Distance: 108.3 miles / 174.6 km
Riding Time: 8:35:39
Av. Speed: 12.6 mph / 20.3 kph
Elevation Gain: 2,524m

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