Day 124 – Arcata to Brookings

I’ve now left California – the not-so-golden, Golden State – and entered Oregon. Unfortunately I think the weather looks set to stay the same. Today was a bit weird on that front, it kept changing between dense fog and completely cloudless skies, there wasn’t really any in between. Thankfully the wind was actually behind me for parts of today so that wasn’t too detrimental.

I’m still not rid of this cold so I think I need a full 8 hour sleep tonight…

I did see a raccoon today which was quite cool but other than that, not much happened. The ride actually went very quickly considering how crappy I felt when waking up this morning.

Apart from being ill, my body is starting to feel slightly more normal. My hands have taken a bit of time to get used to it again after a few days off and my legs are feeling stiffer than normal, but so far, no real problems

Distance: 100.6miles / 161.9km
Riding Time: 7:10:42
Av. Speed: 14mph / 22.5kph

One Reply to “Day 124 – Arcata to Brookings”

  1. Your still making cracking progress Tom despite your ailments. I had to laugh this morning, it was a little blowy this morning along the NE coast, I glanced down and realised I had dropped below 10mph, it somewhat puts into perspective what you are doing, but there again we are so far apart I doubt I can really begin to imagine your daily undertaking. Hats off to you and full respect.


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