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I was hanging on to every word Tom, thoroughly enjoyable read. This book would inspire any youngster and any not so young, just to get on and do it. An amazing adventure by an amazing young man, well done.

Fraser Ranson

Couldn’t put it down! That’s saying a lot as I very rarely read. Very funny, easy and enjoyable! Rather than a repetitive day by day diary, it was more of an insight into the trip as a whole – the different countries/cultures Tom went to as well as his motivation and the pain he went …

George Fahmy

Tom has achieved more in his life (so far) than many attempt in a life-time. This book is a combination of technical and practical detail, journal entries from his blog written at the time, and his reflections after he completed his extraordinary journey. It is an interesting, well-written, heart-felt and often humorous read. Highly recommended.


A fantastic read and a great insight into what must have been an incredibly tough but rewarding journey! I found myself thinking of ways to emulate what Tom achieved – a truly inspirational book!


An absolute must for those that want a little extra push to get on and undertake whatever they want to do. This book demonstrates how both the mental and physical demands can be overcome and enable you to take on the challenge. The grit and determination comes out on each page, it brings a smile, …

Amazon User (Anon.)

A really inspiring read, full of emotion by a driven teenager who has given us a very full account of his challenge to cycle around the world. A must read for all ages.


There are many cycling books available that describe long journeys, especially “Round-the-World” adventures. Some are in danger of making the whole genre feel tired and stale and as tedious as the volume of dull “Land’s End to John O’ Groats” stories which are just poorly written, uninteresting day to day accounts. But not in this …

Amazon User (PhDavies)

A great book telling a great story! Quite incredible to read about what Tom achieved and his motivation. Funny, interesting and touching.


A riveting read of trials, fears and grit- loved it! I laughed and cried. Everyone should read this -if a teenager can not only do this trip but write a book so eloquently to be a page turner, what are we all doing?


I was lucky enough to meet Tom on his travels – for a morning. So I was keen to read his book. It is an amazing first book – easy to read and very entertaining. Tom avoided the day by day itinerary and instead each chapter focused on a different aspect of himself or the …


A great read – couldn’t put it down! Loved the adventure and emotional rollercoaster that happened over the 18000 miles – amazing! Genuinely inspiring!