Day 88 – Port Kenny to Port Lincoln….Halfway

I’m now in Port Lincoln which wasn’t the original plan. The plan was to ride 100 miles as normal today then have a shorter day tomorrow to finish where I am now. Instead, I did it in one go. I’d be lying if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind yesterday but I didn’t think it was really a possibility until I woke up to a howling wind – which was, for once, blowing in the right direction.

After having a couple of interviews (the local newspaper and ABC Adelaide 891 Radio)  this evening, I’m later than normal so I’m afraid this has to be short.

The wind today was just what I needed after yesterday and it’s produced my longest ride to date. I was slightly irritated to realise I was only a little short of 150 miles.

It’s been a really good day on the whole and spotting a couple more kangaroos also brightened up the afternoon. The biggest news of the day came in the final 20 kilometres – I hit 9000 miles total (which is halfway). I can’t really get my head around that and honestly it still feels like I have a very, very long way to go; but there is something almost surreal about knowing that I have ridden further than I’ve got left.

Considering the day’s events, this has been a really short update but I think the ride is about to catch up with me as I’m suddenly feeling very tired. If you happen to look on a map (or know where Port Lincoln is) then you’ll know that I’m at the bottom of the peninsula – which means tomorrow I head North again… So I’m really hoping this wind only lasts today – otherwise tomorrow will not be fun.

Distance: 146.4miles / 235.6km
Riding Time: 8:37:44
Av. Speed: 17.0mph / 27.3kph

8 Replies to “Day 88 – Port Kenny to Port Lincoln….Halfway”

  1. As the Dj on Adelaide 891 said ‘Good Luck Kiddo!’. I was listening in – you sounded very impressive – ‘just like Prince Harry’ as your interviewer pointed out! Watch out for the hordes of Port Lincoln Harry groupies following you out of town tomorrow morning!
    Enjoy mile 9001 – home strait now, Tom.


  2. bravo Thomas, tonight we will drink a glass (not so hard for us :)) to your success and your health well done


  3. Thomas. Well done on the 9000 miles, you have ridden a very, very long way. Stephen says you have turned a metaphorical corner and are homeward bound.


  4. A amazing feat so far, and still looking in good shape. The wind must be in your favour on the way back so keep on Tom, you are doing so well!! …And now a ‘Celebrity on Wheels’ too!!


  5. Hi Tom, I read about you amazing trip in the Port Lincoln Times.
    I am a Londoner who now lives in Port Lincoln. I would have loved to have said hello as you passed through but found out too late.
    Really good luck with the rest of the trip, its an inspirational read and you should be so proud of your achievement so far!
    Its a shame you had to zoom through Port Lincoln, its a bloody amazing place. You should come back for a more relaxing stay in the future.


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