Day 89 – Port Lincoln to Cowell

The return leg of my journey didn’t get off to the best start. After waking up ready for an early departure, I managed to lock myself out of my room for 45 minutes and I don’t really have any excuses either – it was completely my fault. Whilst heading outside to check the weather, the door closed behind me and I promptly realised my key was still on the other side.

Luckily for me, the wind was slightly in my favour so my tardiness didn’t cause me to finish too late. In fact, had I not spent so long sitting outside my room in the morning, I would’ve finished very early.

Compared to yesterday, it has been a short day.  However whilst my body doesn’t feel tired, my brain definitely does. So please excuse me as I need to get to bed. I haven’t managed to replicate the 8-hour sleep I had a few days ago, so I’m trying to limit my losses.

Thanks for all the congrats on reaching halfway; reading all the messages gave me an excuse to stay in bed longer.

Distance: 101.5 miles / 163.3 km
Riding Time: 6:18:47
Av. Speed: 16.1mph / 25.8kph

One Reply to “Day 89 – Port Lincoln to Cowell”

  1. Psychologically that must be a massive milestone to have broken the half way mark and I am sure will offer you a tremendous boost even if it’s not immediately apparent. On the key front, well next time put a string around your neck.


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