Day 87 – Ceduna to Port Kenny

I very nearly forgot to write this tonight, which is odd as you would have thought it was pretty much routine by now.

When I said yesterday felt like the end of a leg, I think I let my guard down mentally. I woke up this morning feeling fine but with no real urgency to get to the finish. The normal thoughts of ‘how much down-time will I get this evening?’ weren’t there; I just wasn’t really that bothered.

This may not sound like such a bad thing, and to be honest – I have spent most of the last few months trying to relax more. The problem is that when there’s no real stress about when I’m going to get to the end – my mind can turn to other things; and when the scenery is as dull as it is here, that isn’t always great. Long story short, I got bored.

This is only really the second time I’ve been bored on this trip (the first was a bit over a week ago on my second night in a tent) as my mind generally always has something to think about: the next kilometre, the next meal, tomorrow’s ride, the amount of sleep I’ll get. And as I have now discovered, getting bored can be a bit dangerous. In both instances, my thoughts turned to home and life back in England. I normally don’t really have time to feel lonely, but today I did, and honestly it wasn’t all that fun. I’m not sure writing it down is a good thing to do either. I think the best thing is not to dwell on it and move on.

A summary of today then: in theory there was nothing wrong with the day… For some reason it just didn’t feel that great. That’s just the way it goes sometimes I guess.

Distance: 107.5 miles / 173 km
Riding Time: 7:37:34
Av. Speed: 14.1 mph / 22.7 kph

3 Replies to “Day 87 – Ceduna to Port Kenny”

  1. When you feel lonely, it may help to think about the literally hundreds of conversations your travels are prompting every day back home, where we continue to be amazed by your daily achievements. Loads of people are engaged with your adventure. I really look forward to reading your blog entries every day. No doubt your mood will pick up tomorrow, Tom. Good luck.


  2. Alison is right! There are so many people reading your blog avidly every day who don’t even know you! And even more avidly those who do. But it must be lonely sometimes, which adds to the admiration we all have to the challenge you are facing. Just think, when you reach Sydney you can go a bit mad with your cousin and let your hair down big time!! Go on, I dare you!


  3. Well if it’s any consolation Tom, most of the UK sat under dark and wet skies yesterday so figure lot of folk had a boring day, so you weren’t alone on that basis. The way I look at it, you have clocked up another 100 miles and another day towards your remarkable undertaking, now that’s not boring by any standards, continued good luck matey.


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