Day 70 – Dungun to Pekan

Today was good. I left early, and the wind was behaving for once.

I must apologise for I am currently engrossed in the live updates of Paris-Roubaix so this write-up is playing second fiddle to that.

Basically, once again not much happened considering I was out on the bike for over 6 hours. When the time goes so quickly it’s weird to think how little actually passes through my head.

Regardless, I was really enjoying riding my bike, despite nothing happening for the majority of time. I say that; it wasn’t completely uneventful. I came across another person on a bike also going in the same direction. She wasn’t exactly what springs to mind when you think ‘cycle tourer’ but we spent a good (albeit a tad slow) 10k’s together.

Anyway, I’m afraid that’s it – back to the cycling…
I admit this is an extremely short update but honestly there’s nothing else to write about… If the same happens tomorrow, I’ll make something up.

Distance: 105.17 miles / 169.2 km
Riding Time: 6:54:30
Av. Speed: 15.2 mph / 24.4 kph

3 Replies to “Day 70 – Dungun to Pekan”

  1. Bloody hell Tom, now your confusing me, that’s two posts in one day, maybe I missed the last 24hrs, which is possible given that me and the better half were out last night. Have you seen your average time, in those temps and humidity, are you sure your not making this up, good on yeah and well done that young lady, might be a little slower but hell she is doing more than most of us. Cheers.


  2. Great work Thomas, well done. Glad to hear that you are enjoying riding your bike. This trip could be a bit of a chore otherwise. Hope tomorrow goes well. All best, Will.


  3. Doing a cracking job…a third of the way around…amazing. In preparation for the next section of the ride We mention you to every Australian / person who works in Australia we come across…today met somebody skiing in Les Arcs from Perth, so don’t be surprised if random people leap out of the bush and start cheering you. Not sure you quite understood me when I said that you need to increase the length of the bird species list…it still stands at 3!! You need to work on your chat up lines I am thinking!! Well done.

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