DAY 71 – Pekan to Mersing

Today started off really well and the first 50 miles passed in what felt like minutes. In fact that first 50 was probably one of the easiest I’ve ever done.

I’m not quite sure what the wind was doing today, every time I went by a flag it was blowing in a different direction… But that’s a lot better than a headwind I suppose.

Interesting anecdote of the day: I got chased by a monkey….

I cycled past a lot of monkeys today and most of them simply looked at me with astonishment. An expression very similar to what I got in India. I must say, I found it pretty amazing how human their reactions were (the monkeys’ that is).
However there was one who went a bit mental; maybe he took offence at my relatively hairless legs, I’m not sure.  Regardless, he gave me the fright of my life when he started screaming and chasing me. I was instantly pulled from wherever my attention had wandered and I think my heart rate hit a new high for this trip.

(I know I said yesterday that I’d make something up if I had another uninteresting day but that is actually true.)

The rest of the ride returned to normal until I hit some surprisingly steep rolling hills that actually required some effort.

When it comes to this evening, I have lost all focus and discipline as my thoughts are already on finishing tomorrow. It’s going to be a night of not much sleep so I’m hoping that the final day doesn’t throw anything too bad at me

Distance: 94.2miles / 151.6km
Riding Time: 6:01:18
Av. Speed: 15.6mph / 25.2kph

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