Day 69 – Bukit Keluang to Dungun

(Sorry this is late.. Just pretend it went up yesterday)

I was shattered when I woke up this morning, despite having had the longest sleep I’ve had in about 4 days. I’d also served as a nice meal for about twenty mosquitos the evening before, so that didn’t help.

It felt a bit odd riding along by the sea after spending much of yesterday in a rainforest. The day as a whole went reasonably quickly, which is surprising considering I had a headwind for 90% of it.

The road was lined with trees most of the way, so although I was only 50m from the sea, I didn’t actually see it all that often.

I realise this has been an extremely short update but I’m afraid I have nothing else to report – other than the fact that I’m sharing my room with more than a few spiders.

Distance: 111 miles / 178 km
Riding Time: 7:35:49
Av. Speed: 14.6 mph / 23.5 kph

2 Replies to “Day 69 – Bukit Keluang to Dungun”

  1. Morning Tom, hardly late, in fact perfect time to replace the Sunday morning papers. Don’t be overly concerned about features you might be missing, your young enough to tackle this paticular mission and be able to return at some point in the future to take more stock of the surroundings. I think you are doing amazingly well to observe what you have to date, heavens above your smashing through 100 miles a day, I am staggered you have time to even look up. Enjoy.


  2. And to think I set myself a goal of cycling around the world in 199 days until you mentioned the ‘s’ word……spiders. Guess I’ll have to cross that goal off the list. We’re still very much enjoying your daily posts! Kelly & family


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