7 Replies to “2 Big Updates!”

  1. Tom, Bloody marvellous news. And all the sweeter after the (very) well documented travails. Thanks so much for the offer of coaching but expert advice is now only required for the golf swing, foal selection and cellar. I’m available on all of those when you get there. Many congratulations Will and Charlotte


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  2. Bloody hell Tom, no holding you back, your rocking it, nice work. I am still plugging away at my 16 miles along the coast each and every morning, get my head into gear for the dark and damp mornings to come. Just got back from Spain as it so happens and did my usual climbs out and about, I won’t embarrass myself to mention any timings though, suffice to say I achieve my own little goals. Keep up the good work Tom and stay healthy, Cheers Fraser

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  3. Brilliant news Tom – many congratulations. Its been a long hard journey and we have enjoyed following you through all the ups and downs (not so much the downs!) . Good luck with all the coaching and all the best for next season – may even get out to see you compete (providing its sunny & we aren’t horseing!)

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  4. Incredible news! Congratulations – it’s well deserved. Also, I really like the video update concept along with the extra footage and photos throughout. It really brings to light what you’re doing. Well done! Kx

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  5. Ah super cool updates from you mate. I’m so thrilled for you… some things are worth waiting for as they say. Feel very proud of you, been great to see things build for you to this point, looking forward to the next stage of all of this. The look on your face says it all. Congratulations Tom and thanks for the positivity and inspiration you send out.

    Take care over there.


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