How to Successfully Pursue and Execute a Long-Term Goal

Over last 8 years, I’ve targeted a variety of goals – from ultra-endurance records, to writing a book, to elite competitive sport. Along the way, I got a few things right, and a lot of things wrong.

I’ve spent some time reflecting on my experiences, and how I now apply the lessons to my current process. Previously, I’ve mentioned how important I believe consistency and patience to be. So, here are my key guidelines for implementing those, in pursuit of a long-term goal:

1. Target a goal that you genuinely want.

– It’s easy to fool yourself with this.
– There’s probably more than one single appropriate goal.

2. Ensure that your recurrent process takes you in the right direction towards that goal.

– For me, having a coach is key for this.

3. Make this process something you enjoy.

I think the above formula is primarily focused towards consistency, and consistency without patience can very easily take you the wrong way (burnout on one hand, frustration on the other). So, additionally:

– Accept that the process will take time. A lot of time.
– Accept that the path may take directions and dips you didn’t expect.

These final points are much easier when No. 3 is fulfilled.

I figured this shortened version might be useful for anyone tight on time. I’ve also written a more in-depth post, detailing how I arrived at the above conclusions, and I will publish that in the coming days. Follow this blog if you would like to hear when that drops.

I will link it here once it’s posted.

Stay tuned!


2 Replies to “How to Successfully Pursue and Execute a Long-Term Goal”

  1. I should have listened to your words of wisdom 35 years ago, burnout springs to mind. I am still bumbling along my coastal route at 5.30am, grateful to be back in the hour of dawnbreak and sunrises, best time of the day, best keep it quite. Stay safe Tom, your sounding and looking great. Cheers Fraser

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