Day 149 – Thunder Bay to Schreiber

Having spent more time stretching and working on my knee last night than any other day, I was a tad frustrated this morning to find it the most painful it’s been for the last three weeks. I’m not sure why that was the case and I’m now slightly apprehensive about doing anything with it tonight. Even without the knee; I wasn’t in a brilliant mood early on anyway. I didn’t leave until 8 this morning – which isn’t too bad – but considering I woke up at 5:30, it shows how motivated I was…

The first couple of hours or so didn’t do much to make me feel better, despite it actually being quite a nice ride and passing 3000 North American miles. Hitting this marker has made me realise that I am now closer to London than I am to San Fransisco (in terms of cycling) which is quite exciting.

After a very brief stop at about 50km I felt much better. Not really sure why but the next couple of hours were absolutely fine and actually quite enjoyable. After stopping to get something to eat at 100km, the wind picked up in the wrong direction. It didn’t annoy me too much but I found my mood fluctuating for the rest of the day.

I did get given a drink and some food by a very nice couple who had also done a bit of cycling. Judging by the direction they drove off in, I think they actually went out of their way to do this so that was a very nice gesture.

Today was a lot hillier than it has been recently and whilst it made for slow going, I enjoyed the climbs for the most part. Something I noticed whilst going up and down though was the temperature difference. Apparently Lake Superior is notoriously very cold and this made a huge difference when ever I descended back down to lake-level. To be fair, it meant that I didn’t overheat today (which I could have done) but it did shock me a couple of times.

I met another cyclist (he is cycling across Canada) in the last 20 kilometres or so and I rode with him for about 10 minutes before he turned off to a campsite.

That’s about it really. On paper it was a really good day, I just didn’t really feel tip-top.

Distance: 119.4miles / 192.1km
Riding Time: 8:31:34
Av. Speed: 14.0mph / 22.5kph

3 Replies to “Day 149 – Thunder Bay to Schreiber”

  1. I bet as a fellow cyclist, you must be the last person you would want to ride alongside. Look at this way, imagine the scenario. Good day mate, my name is Sam, I am on the last few miles of this epic venture cycling right the way across Canada, impressive or what. No not really I am into my last stretch cycling round the world. Poor Sam would be sick as a chip.

    So other than your knee, spokes & wind, you sound in pretty good shape for a bloke punishing yourself on a daily basis. Interesting you capturing the remaining distance factor, San Fran & London, I wonder how many more little comparisons will begin to venture into your head as the horizon of Europe & London begin to emerge, your inner excitement level must be starting to rise, I can imagine you laughing to yourself as you tick off the miles.


  2. Not long now and you’ll be back in the big smoke – enjoy the peace and tranquility of the countryside. Are you going to New York? I’d love to see you riding down 5th Avenue. You must spend a couple of days taking photos at all the main sites if you have time. I’d love to be a fly on your bike when you chat to some of the local New Yorkers.


  3. I’ve heard of lots of funny place names in north America, most of them old English or European ones, but I’ve never come across one that sounds like a kitchen unit!! I’ve had to google map to find out just where it is.


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