Day 126 – Coos Bay to Newport

Today was the first day I haven’t woken up up to thick clouds and the weather throughout the ride was actually rather stunning.   It still wasn’t that warm but it made a nice change.

Despite the weather being so dull for the last five days, my face has actually gone a bit red so I think I need to start putting on suncream.  Not only is it a tad red, but I’m also getting panda eyes from my sunglasses which I’m not so pleased about.

The wind returned with a vengeance today, and all of the many cyclists riding in the opposite direction carried a smug look when they greeted me…Actually I don’t think they did intentionally, they just looked far too happy.

As a way of distracting myself from the wind, I set about trying to learn all 50 of the states, and considering I probably would have been pleased this morning if I’d managed to get less than forty, I am now very pleased to announce that I managed to get 45 this evening.  I forgot Maryland, Minnesota (there are too many ‘M’s and ‘N’s anyway) and the Virginia’s.

I had cottage pie for dinner this evening which is a first since leaving home so that was good.  I ended up in an Irish pub and it felt a bit odd not having a drink.

Distance: 97.3 miles / 157.1 km

Riding Time: 7:11:03

Av. Speed: 13.5 mph / 21.8 km

One Reply to “Day 126 – Coos Bay to Newport”

  1. Yep, nice article on roadcc, and lots of folk liking it. You should know better, cream up even when overcast, certainly don’t want sunburn impacting on your progress. Don’t worry about the wind, you are getting closer to the point where that wind is going to become your best friend, make sure your brakes are in good shape. Like your style about what your thinking whilst turning those pedals, so not only are you wanting to achieve a world record for your cycling endeavours you also want to improve your memory skills, brilliant.


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