Day 125 – Brookings to Coos Bay

Today was actually very similar to yesterday (apart from the wind direction), so to save some time, I’m not going to bother describing the ride… If you feel like you’ve been short-changed, perhaps read yesterday’s update again.

I do however have some advice for any men planning a cycling trip with a woman… Today I saw a couple riding a tandem. Well I say riding; the bloke on the front was riding, the woman on the back was ‘sitting’. She was actually on her phone.
Now in her defence, she could have been looking at directions, but even if this was the case, the fact that women are supposedly able to multi-task renders this an invalid excuse…

So – Men, if you do go on a tandem cycle-tour, make sure you frequently check your partner is pedalling. This is of course assuming you’re on the front – which you should be. I’d also like to point out that a mirror is not acceptable on a bike, even if you are using it to keep tabs on a slacking co-pedaller. Unlike cars, you can actually see round a bike by simply turning your head.

In other news, I spent a considerable part of the day playing leap-frog with a pair of hitchhikers. I think I passed them 4 times in total but I’m not sure whether they ended up in front or behind me. I did offer them a lift, but thankfully they declined.

Lastly, some bird watching: I saw a Golden Eagle today. I was actually quite impressed with myself because I knew what it was. I have since discovered that they’re not very rare and it’s probably not even worth mentioning; the bird lovers won’t be impressed and normal people won’t give a sh*t.

Distance: 107 miles / 172.2 km
Riding Time: 7:38:45
Av. Speed: 14.0 mph / 22.5 kph

2 Replies to “Day 125 – Brookings to Coos Bay”

  1. Tom you do realise you are on dodgy ground, we all know who are the fairer sex, we would be hopelessly lost without them. Well you might have seen an eagle, I spotted 3 woodpeckers loitering around the back garden yesterday, never seen that before and we have been here 20 years. Unfortunately I have to confess I needed to do a double check on google to confirm I was not confusing them with magpies, but the way they were clinging vertically to the trees was a bit of a giveaway.
    I am optimistic the wind is going to become your best friend very soon.


  2. Tom,
    Remember that there are 320 million Americans, 35 million Canadians out there. Until today 50% of them would have forgiven you anything because of your accent. In fact that accent will, if my memory serves me correctly, get you a lot further than those legs. But be nice!


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