Day 72 – Mersing to Singapore – End of Leg 4

I’ve reached Singapore and finished the fourth leg (This happened yesterday but I didn’t have time to write about it)

The day started off with the rolling hills that I’d come across the day before. I felt good and I was looking forward to the finish but it wasn’t exactly easy (or fast) going. The hills were all very short but of a reasonable gradient. In fact it pretty much just felt like 30 seconds up, 30 seconds down for much of the first 40 kilometres; and when riding a bike that loses all momentum the second the road goes uphill, it gets a bit tedious

Despite this, I didn’t stop at all until 90 kilometres. I’m not quite sure how I managed to make my water last that long but it worked out pretty well.

The rest of the day went well. For the previous 3 legs, I’ve had a headwind on the final day. Yesterday my luck changed and I flew towards my destination. It would be nice if that continued across Australia, but somehow I doubt I’ll be that lucky.

Once approaching Johor Bahru (the last city in Malaysia before Singapore) the traffic worsened and the ride became slightly less enjoyable. Nevertheless – after getting slightly lost – I made my way over to Singapore.

Both my portable chargers broke in the last few days so the final 20k through the city was a bit of a race to get there before my Garmin ran out of battery. The legs felt great and I almost felt as if I was riding an unladen bike.

I ended up finishing the day before 3 o’clock which isn’t bad going. So after having a long afternoon off yesterday, I already feel as if I’ve had a lengthy break.

That’s about it for now, I’ll post something else tomorrow (probably) and maybe I’ll even put a few pictures up at some point; although there aren’t many

Distance: 96.90miles / 155.9km
Riding Time: 6:12:48
Av. Speed: 15.6mph / 25.0kph

5 Replies to “Day 72 – Mersing to Singapore – End of Leg 4”

  1. Fantastic, Tom, well done! Really jealous and the story about being chased by an angry monkey very funny from this safe distance! Best of luck in the next leg! The Rowan family


  2. What’s the mileage for leg 4, Tom?
    But stop doing them so quickly, I’m running out of dosh!
    Congratulations – a world of steak pies and tinnies beckons.


  3. More fond memories, I recall being amazed by the difference between Singapore and Malaysia, both fascinating in their respective ways, enjoy your little breather, another big task ahead of you, my god how far have you gone in such a short space of time, bonkers.


  4. Well done Tom. I agree with Fraser, the difference between Malaysia and Singapore is fantastic. I came at it in the other direction, having done two months in Indonesia and Sumatra before reaching Singapore, so it was great getting some more western food after weeks of nasi goring! You’ll love Australia, don’t know if you’ve been before, but I have very fond memories of it. Say hi to your mum from me!


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