Day 60 – Ban Doem Bang to Don Tum

I’m not really feeling as good as I should be this evening. Maybe it has something to do with the karaoke night outside…

Today started well and not much really happened. The wind had died down and didn’t really feature much, but at least it wasn’t in my face.

Whilst the cycling has been great, since being in Thailand dogs have started chasing me again, which is a bit irritating.

The ride itself went really well until I punctured with less than 4 kilometres to go. Once again it was a slow puncture so I decided I would just pump it up and limp the last few minutes rather than change the tube on the roadside. This would have been a good plan and I still would have been in a good mood. Unfortunately, the valve on the inner tube broke so I had to change the bloody thing anyway.

I still had a really early finish but I’ve failed to properly de-stress and I have stayed up much later than I should have for no reason whatsoever.

When it came to dinner, I had to eat it whilst enduring a Thai karaoke night. In all seriousness, I have a tone-deaf friend (George, could that be you??) who sings better than this lot when he’s drunk. I even went back to my room to get my headphones halfway through eating.

Anyway, bit of a mixed day. Final day of Leg 3 tomorrow which is weird. I don’t really feel like I’ve been cycling long enough to be at that point already.

Distance: 96.5miles / 155.3km
Riding Time: 6:08:54
Av. Speed: 15.7mph / 25.3kph

5 Replies to “Day 60 – Ban Doem Bang to Don Tum”

  1. Well done another big milestone tomorrow. I sympathize with you about dogs…bloody hate the things when on a bike (and at any other time if i am honest!!!). How are the boxers holding out?


  2. Wow, Thailand already? I read your entries everyday and really enjoy hearing what you are experiencing. I’d love to hear more about the scenery – I remember thailand as very lush. It’s probably all built up by now. We arrived in Cham last night. You’re not missing a thing! Rainy and grey. Very little snow. Tomorrow, Italy. Keep up the amazing progress, Thomas. So impressed! Kelly xx


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