Day 59 – Kamphaeng Phet to Ban Doem Bang

This is going to be a quick update as last night I couldn’t find the light switch so ended up sleeping with it on. Not exactly ideal but India has definitely made me less fussy about sleeping conditions.

I had a tailwind today and that’s pretty much it. It wasn’t anything that strong but it put me in a seriously good mood all day and I enjoyed all 8 hours on the bike. The only negative came when a tree threw one of its branches at me but the pain wore off quickly.

Another bonus was finding decent service stations. Since leaving France, 95% of the time, petrol stations have offered nothing more than petrol and generally only succeed in disappointing me with a lack of food. That now seems to have changed (long may it last)

I hadn’t planned to ride so far today but I got to the end much earlier than expected and felt great so decided to push on for a long one. To be honest, when I did reach my final destination, I still had over an hour of sunlight left and enough energy in my legs to keep going for that time but there wasn’t really any point carrying on and I’m now staying in a decent enough place by a river.

Anyway, that’s all. It’s been a very good day and it was nice to have some luck with the wind

Distance: 132.2miles / 212.7km
Riding Time: 8:03:48
Av. Speed: 16.4mph / 26.4kph

4 Replies to “Day 59 – Kamphaeng Phet to Ban Doem Bang”

  1. Well done Thomas, great work. I’m glad that your adventure is introducing to new technologies that have yet to be seen in South London, such as electric light switches. Just don’t put yer fingers into the wall plugs. Go well tomorrow, Charlotte.


  2. this is the first time I couldn’t find your overnight stay on the map. and I’m pretty good with maps. however, I reckon you’re probably scheduled for Bangkok for tomorrow. say hi to your mum for me. I’m looking forward to catching up with her in London in a few weeks time. and well done on how far you’ve got


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