Day 48 – Chatrapur to Cuttack

Really not much happened today.  In fact, apart from one idiot asking to buy my bike, nothing of note happened at all.

I felt pretty good all day until about an hour ago.  I’m now not feeling good and I think the only thing is to try to get some sleep.  Apologies for this everyone.  This is really not what I wanted so close to the end and as long as I can walk, I am going to be riding tomorrow.   So I am just trying to do everything I can now to make tomorrow less unpleasant.

Hopefully I will be able to share an interesting anecdote tomorrow….


Distance: 106.88 miles / 172 km

Riding time: 7:24:58

Av.Speed: 14.47 mph / 23.28 kph

5 Replies to “Day 48 – Chatrapur to Cuttack”

  1. No need to apologise – I often leave a party early to have a little lie down. And I haven’t been cycling all day, every day for what must seem like forever at the moment.


  2. Hang in there Tom. Amazed that you got so far through India before being ill. Hopefully rehydration and a good kip will see you right in the morning. Good luck!


  3. Nearly to Kolkata Tom and I reckon you’ve done extremely well so far. Take it day by day and you’ll be able to catch up on sleep (and cereal) very soon.


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