Day 47 – Srikakulam to Chatrapur

I didn’t organise any breakfast last night, which meant I had no choice but to wait until it was being served in  my hotel.  This meant a late start so I was a bit stressed right from my alarm, and became worse as it got harder to fight off the thought that my stomach was not feeling at all good.  I’m not entirely sure what it was – I put it down to slight food poisoning – but by the time I was ready to leave I was really struggling not to be sick in the lobby.  I’ve made 20 days in India without these problems and it chose to hit me with 4 days to go.  The fact that I am so close to the end is the only reason I got on the bike.

It was not fun: every 10 minutes a wave of nausea would come over me and I am not quite sure how I kept it down.  The time went by agonisingly slowly, so I put my Garmin into my back pocket and just pedalled – doing everything I could to focus on something other than the distance left.  Mercifully the stomach churning moments became less frequent and after about 5 hours of a seriously unpleasant morning, I started to feel slightly more normal.

With the late start, me not feeling great and the constant stopping for photos (I say constant – it’s not that bad – perhaps once an hour), there was a question mark over whether I would make it to my planned stop or not.  And if I did make it, I also was not sure it I would find anywhere to stay.

Even so, once feeling slightly better, I decided to push for it and ended up making the town with half an hour of daylight left.  My accommodation tonight is on the questionable side, but it has a bed, a toilet and a tap…Unfortunately the bed has numerous stains on it, the toilet smells better if I don’t flush it, and the tap is a bit of a dribble.

Not much else to say about today as I didn’t really take much in.  If all goes to plan – 3 days to go ….but that might be a significant “if”.

Glad that’s out the way:

Distance: 108.12 miles / 174 km

Riding time: 7:40:38

Av. speed: 14.09 mph / 22.68 kph

Additional note: I wrote this whilst waiting for food. Since walking back to my room I’ve stepped in a bag of masala sauce…Initially I thought it was something else and I was even more displeased!

2 Replies to “Day 47 – Srikakulam to Chatrapur”

  1. Brilliant Tom, dodgy stomach, you have done well to get thus far, I recall a really bad day for me on a train full of folk and livestock, this was travelling down the east coast of Malaysia, I spent the entire journey looking down a home through the floor, and I won’t mention what was happening at the other end, suffice to say it was not a pleasant journey or experience for me, the livestock or the locals. Credit to you for staying with the pedals, I was just a mess mentally and physically and I certainly did not have to endure the task of a 100 mile pedal. Well done.


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