This morning I didn’t wake up in a great mood.  Not entirely sure why, but it was probably down to lack of sleep.  That’s one thing that will be nice to catch up on when I hit Kolkata – hopefully.

Breakfast this morning was, once again, extremely sweet.  However, this time it was made up of Indian foods I’d bought the night before and which I don’t know the name of.  It was all a bit sickly and that’s something that stayed with me all day.  I was really craving a massive bowl of cereal today; something along the lines of Chocolate Chip Weetabix Minis, Cheerios, Frosted Shreddies, Special K and Honey Granola by Dorset Cereals, all mixed together in one big bowl!  Great endorsement there guys – so if you feel like supplying me with a weekly batch of cereals once I get to Uni’ I’d be more than happy to keep singing your praises.

The wind was in my face today which wasn’t great.  But my mood picked up throughout the day.  It also turns out that an article has been published about me somewhere in India, which I didn’t know about, and not sure where and how.  Two guys stopped me for a photo after they had read about my trip.  According to them I’m “very awesome”; not ashamed to say that this gave me a real boost!

Not much else really happened on my route today.  It was hotter than the last few days and the flat riding has come to an end.  No major hills but it was noticeably hillier.  I also think I failed to eat enough, although I lasted the ride so it’s not too much of a problem.  I have to try and make sure I eat more during the day.

I’ve just had dinner.  After the waiter advised me that what I had ordered was probably too spicy I went with his recommendation which, according to him, was not spicy at all.  He lied!  I think he did it deliberately to see how I’d cope …

100 miles is almost feeling like a short distance now, “almost” but not quite …

Today’s Ride:

Distance:  118.8 miles / 191.2 km

Riding Time:  8:07:14

Av. Speed:  14.6mph / 23.5kph

3 Replies to “DAY 46 – TUNI TO SRIKAKULAM”

  1. I, your right Tom, 100 miles a day give or take, what the heck. Are you kidding me, I have done a couple of cycle rides that topped the 100 mIkes, but they were one offs, your kicking ass on a daily bases in foriegn lands and all that has to offer, a 100 Mike a day is truely phonominal pace, credit to you Tom, your a top bloke.

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  2. worked for Guy Martin!
    If i worked at Kellogg’s i would be recommending at least a years supply of brekkie treats


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