Day 26 – Alexandroupoli to Tekirdag – End of leg 1

Leg 1 is done! 3960 kilometres and over 176 cycling hours…

Quite honestly I’m shattered, so this is going to be a short summary.. I’ll put up a more detailed one tomorrow or something.

The wind this morning was awful. Predictably, I had a headwind, but it was probably the worst I’ve ever faced. I had a serious mental struggle just to get through the first few hours and the thought of seeing my Dad was all that kept me going a couple of times.

I can’t really put into words how it felt to see him. I suddenly realised the emotional and mental strain I’ve put myself under this last fews weeks and I don’t think I’ve ever felt such a drastic switch in emotions

The rest of the day was spent battling the wind with one thought in my mind – the finish. It was a hard day and without the end in sight it would’ve been even harder. Very long straight roads and very boring Turkish scenery didn’t help but really I can’t think of anything else other than the wind today.. It’s produced my slowest day yet so I’m glad it was slightly shorter.

As for finishing this leg, I can’t quite get my head around it just yet. I’m pretty much falling asleep as I write this so I’m afraid I’m going to end it there.

I just want to say thank you to all those who’ve supported me. It really goes a long way and it’s got me through some very tough moments. 13.75% of the way round.. stay tuned, there’s more to come!

There won’t be any more numbers for a couple of days:
Distance: 94.94miles / 152.8km
Riding Time: 8:12:12
Av. Speed: 11.6mph / 18.6kph

13 Replies to “Day 26 – Alexandroupoli to Tekirdag – End of leg 1”

  1. Tom you are an absolute star, I can’t begin to imagine the mental and physical punishment you are under, greatest admiration to you, I was telling folk today at the London Bike Show of your challenge, pass on my regards to your dad. Cheers Fraser

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  2. Tom, you’ve done so amazingly well so far against some pretty difficult odds. Paul and I read your posts every night (not sad, just really interested in your progress). I’m already thinking about evenings without a Tom Davies update when you’re finished this mission. Like a great series on TV you don’t want to end. We’ll keep on pushing you along your trail so hang in there mate! And keep posting those great blogs! Big hugs from the Kenwards

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  3. Well done Tom, fantastic achievement. I’ve done a bit of travelling, but nothing like you’re attempting. I love reading your blogs every night before bed, reminds me of when I was young enough to want to do this. Hope we can see some pictures soon too. Keep going and look forward to India.


  4. Nice effort on stage 1, stumbled onto this after a retweet think its an awesome trip and wish you all the best with stage 2 and onwards. What’s your strava name and I’ll follow you also you thinking about Instagram page for some amazing pictures to come along your travels. Enjoy the rest days..


    1. Thanks I really appreciate it. My Strava name is Tom Davies, there’s link straight to my page under the ‘following me’ section on this website. As for instagram, I haven’t got round to setting up a page as it’s just one more thing to update. There should be pictures up on this website in the next couple of days though!


  5. Bravo Tom.
    You’ve done it in spite of some awful weather and physical and mental strain, and this will give you confidence for the rest of your trip (and your life…). I can’t imagine the joy of you and Huw seeing each other after all these days. I really enjoy reading your little stories on your blog. Bon courage !

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  6. Dear Tom, we are so proud of you at what you have achieved so far, in what has been far from good conditions. It was quite something that Dad made his appearance on time, that much have been very cheering for you and him. Off you go to India, again a very different country in every respect and you will see sights unlike anything before, be very careful and make sure to remember that the cow is a sacred animal and will stop or lay down anywhere!! Take care with the curries especially anything that looks very like tomato, just test with a finger, there is one they use that is seriously HOT pepper. Not for our tender stomachs, as I know to my cost. All for now, Love from Grandma & GranddadXXX


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