A bit of a Summary – London to Istanbul

So I’m now in Istanbul and I’ve spent the day cleaning my bike, sorting kit out and eating. Basically tomorrow is when I’ll become a tourist. This means I have very little to say about the day’s events. Because of this, I thought I’d take the time to summarise the European leg… although I probably won’t do a very good job of it…

Distance: 2460 miles / 3960 kilometres
Riding Time: 176hours (I got this wrong in yesterday’s blog – I have now amended it though)
Av. Speed: 13.9mph / 22.5kph (not quite as fast as I’d hoped/expected but I had a lot of headwind and a fair bit of climbing)
Elevation Gain: Quite a bit
Riding Days: 24 full days, 2 snow days
Rest Days: 1 rest day, 1 sick day

I’ve ridden in 10 countries; England, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herz., Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Turkey.

Shortest Visit: Bosnia – 34 minutes

Best country: Bosnia. A slightly controversial and slightly odd decision I know, but due to the fact I was there for such a short time, it didn’t really have a chance to annoy me!

Worst Country: Again controversial, and there are a number of contenders…
Italy wasn’t great, but that comes down to the fact that I was ill.
Greece came close, but the people just about made up for the weather.
Montenegro wasn’t great. The weather was a bit rubbish and I didn’t really enjoy riding there. It is saved by the dinner I had there which consisted of a large pizza with ham to start, then – and I quote – ‘chicken with a peanut butter, coconut milk and tabasco sauce’. It also came with rice and salad. Plus I followed this up with a generous slice of chocolate cake for dessert.
This means the award has to go to Slovenia. I was there for a very short time, but unlike Bosnia, it did pretty much the opposite and did everything it could to annoy me; snow, hills and headwinds. The highlight of it (genuinely) was keeping myself amused by trying to pronounce their road signs.

Best Day: It hasn’t all been bad, and there have actually been a few moments I’ve enjoyed; but the best day was either Day 9 in the south of France or Day 15 when Croatia was sunny.

Biggest Dinner: Day 19 – Tirana. A main course size portion of lasagna, a large portion of chips, a local dish – roasted peppers and cheese (starter portion) and 8 chicken fillets (600 grams of chicken)

Biggest Breakfast: Day 26 – Alexandroupoli. 2 bowls of cereal (fairly small), 3 mini doughnuts, one puff pastry thing, one nutella crepe, lots of bacon, a few mini sausages, handful of chips, some cooked tomatoes, 3 pain au chocolats, 3 croissants, 1 slice of cake, 1 slice of strawberry tart, 1 fried egg and a ham and pepper omelette (I’d say around 2 eggs worth)

Funniest Moment of today: I saw a woman fall into a jacuzzi. Unfortunately for her, there wasn’t a step where she thought there was, and rather than a graceful entrance, it was more of a belly flop… which made me laugh! (of course I was subtle though…)

Once again, I’m shattered – despite having done very little today – so thats all I can think to add. If you have any questions feel free to post below and I’ll do my best to answer them. Also, with regards the the biggest meals, I have photo proof in case anyone doesn’t believe me.

8 Replies to “A bit of a Summary – London to Istanbul”

  1. I can’t believe that you ate all that for breakfast – not even Sara would manage half of that. No wonder I haven’t been shopping very often since you left!


  2. As a mum to young kids, the first thing I thought reading the biggest breakfast was “Hungry Hungry Caterpillar”! I’ll have to read the list to Atticus & Wren just to record their giggles!!


  3. I’m impressed that you can remember eveything you ate that. Please can we updates of food eaten on your daily blog to make us envious. Hope you’ve enjoyed your rest and sightseeing days. Good luck for India. Stephen says that yesterday’s lucky win for Wales should help keep your spirits up.

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  4. Enjoy Istanbul- Find a rooftop cafe just before call to prayer and you hear these wonderful voices echoing from different mosques around the city.

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  5. Forecast for Istanbul for the next week: 2 degrees, snow and 20mph northerly wind.
    Forecast for Mumbai for the next week: 32 degrees, sunny and 4mph northerly wind.
    It’s going to be very different! Go slowly, soak it up and enjoy what is going to be a fascinating month.

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