Day 16 – Sukošan to Omiš

Today was upsetting. I was still feeling good from yesterday and I had a great breakfast; but within 2 hours, the wind had crushed my mood. It was as bad as it was a couple of days ago in Italy (Day 13) but today had hills as well.

The roads were busier today as well which wasn’t great, although generally speaking, the drivers are ok towards cyclists.

The thing that really got to me though was having a deadline. I had a massage booked for 18:00 and due to the wind, it looked unlikely that I’d make it on time. For some reason, the fact that I could change the time of it (which I ended up doing anyway) did nothing to help. To be frank, I wasn’t in desperate need of a massage but it’s been something to aim for the last couple of days and the thought of missing it annoyed me.

The sun didn’t feature much either today and any good views there may have been were spoilt by grey skies. The only time the wind stopped was when it started hailing which wasn’t great, but honestly I think I preferred it. Apologies for the rather down-beat writing, I wasn’t in a great mood today. It seems two good days in a row is too much to ask for!

Blame the wind…:
Distance: 96.19miles / 154.8km
Riding Time: 7:47:51
Av. Speed: 12.3mph / 19.8kph

3 Replies to “Day 16 – Sukošan to Omiš”

  1. Tom, your average speeds are pretty impressive, I would struggle to maintane these levels on the flat without any head wind, never mind what you have been up against, mind I am more than twice your age, oh god how old does that make me sound. Massage sounds like fun, you will feel better in the morning.

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    1. Rough with the smooth Thomas – ask Chris, he tells me he knows all about the former …
      Keep plugging away buddy. Not sure the weather over the next few days will be that great but India will be hot, damn hot!

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  2. Once the weather turns hot you might miss the cold so bear in mind you’ll feel all the more powerful for having beaten the weather and hit your goals. Well done Tom.

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