Day 14 – Part 2 – Language Warning

I don’t really know when it suddenly got so hard. I think it was roughly the last 25 kilometres. I also have no clue how long that lasted. It could’ve been an hour, it could’ve been 5. I honestly only remember bits of it but I’ve been pretty honest in all my blogs so far so I figure I may as well continue.

Problem is, I can’t put it into words very easily. I could see nothing but the light from my head torch and I felt nothing other than the wind forcing me in the wrong direction. If there’s a name for whatever emotion I was feeling I don’t know it.

At times I felt like I was going uphill at walking pace and at others I came very close to losing balance. I shouted a lot, at nothing in particular. I think I may have even started crying at one point. Not of sadness; just determination. Writing this now it sounds as if I was close to breaking point; but in fact I don’t think I’ve ever been stronger. I apologise for all the philosophical bullshit, my head is in a weird place this evening – please feel free to ignore. In summary: that last hour was fucking hard, and yes, I am riding tomorrow.

10 Replies to “Day 14 – Part 2 – Language Warning”

  1. Ok Thomas, that’s what I call “manning up” – truly proud of your determination. Wish I could help you along.
    At least you have the delights of Albania to look forward to …

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    1. I was looking at the map and thinking that you should really make the most of Italy and Croatia, as surely Albania will be a real culture shock! I’m really interested to know what Albania is like so look forward to those posts………….


  2. Jeez, that sounds tough Thomas. I’ve been there a couple of times or close to it. As you’re finding out, the mental effort is way harder than the physical. Tomorrow is another day and we’re all right behind you -trouble is you’re the only man who can take the front! Stay strong, Adam.


  3. Tom, your going in places, be that mind, body or actual, that most of us will never have the opportunity. You will draw on all these challenges and experiences for the rest of your life, truly amazing job, well done.

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  4. Come on Tom!!! You are doing great. Just think. You’ve almost covered the distance across Australia already. No mean feat mate! We’re with you all the way so hang in there! X


    1. wow, great way to think about the distances. I haven’t done the Italy, Croatia travelling, but I have done Perth – Adelaide – Sydney and it most certainly should be more interesting, more fun and much warmer!!


  5. Great effort Tom. You’ve proven to yourself now that you can get through tough, mentally challenging times so you should have confidence you can get through whatever is thrown at you. Wind is tough when it is in your face for long periods but as long as you’re going forward you’ll reach the end. Kia kaha!


  6. I love looking at the route itinerary every evening Tom, to see where you’re up to. You’re doing really well and looks like there are loads of us following you. Keep it up.


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