My book was officially released on Thursday. I was originally planning to write a long post about it, but I have since decided against that. Below is something I wrote on my Facebook page (for those that don’t follow me on there); I think it sums up everything I need to say…

My book was officially published yesterday… Those close to me will know how much I’ve put into it and how much this means to me. I’ve done some other shit along the way, but, the last 4 years of my life have effectively been working towards this moment. That’s a strange feeling.

If I can make a couple of people laugh or inspire just one person, it will have been worth the countless hours. Having said that, I truly believe there’s something in it for everyone.
I’ve poured everything into this project and it’s a weird feeling to know that so many will be reading (and critiquing) what is literally the best thing I could produce. There’s a huge element of vulnerability and I can’t express my gratitude enough to those who bought an early-release copy and have already given positive feedback.

Sorry for the soppy post. I think it’s a really good read – I hope you do too.

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