Book Update – December 2018

Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well and haven’t forgotten about me…

Last time I posted on here, I said that would keep you updated as things progressed with my book. Those of you who know me probably weren’t too surprised when this didn’t happen. Apologies for that, I do try, I promise.

I did have a semi-legitimate excuse this time round though. As it often does – life got in the way. I won’t bore you with any details but I had a couple of issues that needed sorting out, and they drastically limited my productivity. Unfortunately, progress on my book was also somewhat side-lined during this period so it is at least 2-3 weeks behind where I wanted it to be. The official release date remains the same (March), but I am still hoping that I can get it on sale much earlier than that.

There are no more edits to make to the writing. It’s all been typeset and I (along with a couple of others) am going through the very final proof read now. The front cover design is also in the making, and once that’s done, there’s not all that much else to do.

I’m not going to commit to posting anything specific on here. I will of course let you all know when the release date is approaching and I will do my best to add a little more.

Thanks for the continued interest. Not long now, I hope…


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  1. Just arrived back from my morning cycle along the coast Tom, only 16 miles, but hey it’s a start. It all adds up to my 18000 target. All the best for festive season, cheers Fraser

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