Day 162 – Leominster to Boston – End of Leg 7!

I have now cycled across America! I don’t think that has really sunk in yet. Although to be perfectly honest, I don’t even think Australia has sunk in. I haven’t really stopped moving and I still feel as though I’m yet to let everything catch up with me. I also think I have to be wary about letting my guard down; I have one final stint through Europe, and whilst it’s short (relatively), it’ll be far from easy in terms of the daily distance I’m planning to cover. Having said all that, I am feeling very happy.

The ride today was short so I am going to keep that theme for this blog as well. I shall do a summary of North America as and when I find the patience and am not sleeping.

50 miles didn’t pose too much of a challenge and even riding into Boston was fairly pleasant. I owe a big thank you to the Hails for lunch and a keeping me company upon my arrival in Boston. Another huge thank you to the Steels who are looking after me whilst I’m here.

That’s all for now; unsurprisingly, I’m a bit tired

Distance: 49.7miles / 79.9km
Riding Time: 3:27:14
Av. Speed: 14.4mph / 22.9kph

8 Replies to “Day 162 – Leominster to Boston – End of Leg 7!”

  1. Well done Thomas. At the start of the USA it seemed when looking at a map, that despite the number of miles ridden you were not progressing eastwards very much. However the last few thousand miles or so seem to have flown by. Must be the supersized meals adding extra fuel.


  2. 42 days, that’s quicker than the standard postal service in the USA, you should have carried a mail bag. Your bang on the buck when you say that your not sure any or much of where you have been and the distance travelled has sunk in. I am pretty sure those of us that have been watching you from our armchairs are really struggling to fully appreciate the dogged determination and drive that has taken you this far around the globe. Enjoy your European leg, it will all be over before you know it, then you will wake up and think, that was one hell of a dream!!


  3. Well done Tom! Great riding. Hope you can rest up a bit before the final big push to London.
    Meanwhile just watching Froome about to come into a rain sodden Paris…


  4. Congrats…what a great achievement! Just seems like yesterday you were hoeing into the ‘3 Anchors special’ breakfast in Albany. I remember being amazed how focused you were on the task ahead for such a young man. I’m sure the finishing line seems tantalizingly close now and if you can keep that focus that got you all this way you will get there in no time and in great style. All the best Tom


  5. Congratulations, Thomas! What an achievement! We’ll be following you as you head for London!


  6. Amazing achievement Tom, you’ve been through a lot over the last 162 days and it has been a real treat to read all about it. Now is not the time to drop your guard though – stay focused but try to enjoy the last leg – you deserve it!


  7. Hey Tom, are you still on the plane, I know I said turn left as you get on your flight, but that was not with the plan of taking up permanent residency. Missing your early morning blogs!!


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